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a pile of useful stats for scottish comms people 

This week we spoke in Scotland to an audience of public sector communications people. Here are some stats as to why it's a really good place to be working in comms and PR right now.

by Dan Slee

If you are in Scotland and working in public sector communications you are the envy if your peers from across the UK. 


For a start, you stage large scale elections where large numbers of people turn out to vote without the shadow of hanging chads.

But you also have more people in Scotland consuming the media TV, radio, web, social media than anywhere else in the UK.

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the comms2point0 unawards: the story so far

The inaugural comms2point0 UnAwards take place in December in Birmingham. Here's a quick update on the story so far, and details of how you can get involved...

by Darren Caveney

First off, we wanted to repeat our huge and genuine thank you to everyone who has shown interest, entered awards, talked so positively and shared the love for the inaugural comms2point0 UnAwards.

We are very, very grateful.

As a result, it means that you have created the most popular comms industry awards in the UK this year*

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one rogue reporter screening 

Heard the one about the tabloid reporter who had had enough? And then quit? And then made a film doorstepping newspaper editors to give them a taste of their own medicine? Rich Peppiatt is that man and there is a special screening in Birmingham.

By Alan Taman

One Rogue Reporter is the result: a 90-minute film which mercilessly and hilariously uses that irony to raise crucial questions about the graceless fall of the Red-Tops. About press freedom, privacy, and ethics in journalism. Questions which every journalist who claims to have a conscience (ie, is human) should be asking. As should every PR, because what happens in journalism echoes for (some would say is generated because of) PR.

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some crowdsourced social media guidance we helped shape

When I left local government six months ago I said that this was to do more in local government and the public sector.

by Dan Slee

Every week being full-time on comms2point0 has been quite literally an adventure. One of the adventures was to write social media guidance for part of the public sector that is struggling with it. Health and Wellbeing Boards are where the NHS, charities and councils come together to make billions of pounds of spending decisions.

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unawards update: shortlist announced tuesday at 11.59pm 

We thought the unawards would throw up some good stuff. We just didn't guess just how much good stuff. 

by Dan Slee, Darren Caveney and Emma Rodgers

If we were American we would be saying right now that the lovely wonderful comms2point0 community are 'awesome.'

We may also be busy high fiving people and 'whooping' very loudly.

But then again the three of us have drunk an awful lot of coffee since the deadline to the comms2pint0 unawards passed on November 12.

Let's just say we were taken aback at the entries. There was the small total of 202 landing into our inboxes. That's 202. TWO HUNDRED AND TWO. We've spent around 50 hours reading, logging, grading and shortlisting.

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